Tinnitus 911 Orphan Awareness

Tinnitus 911 Orphan Awareness is on a mission to raise awareness for orphans and orphanages around the globe. By engaging with visitors like you, we can continue to increase support for the forgotten children around the world and help alleviate the struggles these children face.

There are currently over 153 million orphans worldwide. Of those 153 million orphaned children, nearly 8 million live in orphanages. These millions of children lack the care and attention they need for healthy development. Because they lack access to healthcare and proper education, these forgotten children are at risk of ongoing disease and even death.

We are on a mission to help bridge the gap between the inequalities these children suffer and the care they desperately need. In addition to bringing awareness to orphans and the orphanages they live in, we want to call attention to as many opportunities as possible for people to get involved worldwide. We are committed to bringing awareness to the campaigns worldwide that are driving support for the forgotten children. Each time one of those campaign gains a new supporter, we are one step closer to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Given the right support, orphaned children have the opportunity to become agents for changes. As you’ll see on our successful orphans page, many of the people who were orphaned as children found success despite the challenges they faced. These once orphaned children have gone on to create foundations dedicated to bringing awareness to orphaned children, providing children with proper healthcare and education, and helping children find forever families. The very people who were once orphaned themselves have now become the voice of forgotten children everywhere.

We are committed to bringing awareness to these forgotten children to ensure success stories like that are created worldwide and voices of forgotten children continue to be heard.